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If y'all want to know me, my name is Seizza Khafniy Ghaizan Aisha, a 13-year-old girl who is the owner of this blog.
I was born in 2005-1-30. I started blogging since I was 7th or 8th. At that time, I'd really on fire to writing for my updates. I wrote about my dreams, my favorite moments and anything about me that sounds so boring when I heard that now.
And one day, I decided to start to updates something new, something that many peoples are searching for it, something interesting, and many more. Now you can look that my posts are so random, right?

So now, let's talk more about me if you so wondering.
In the real world, I kind of a shy girl, an introvert girl, just like a caveman who never go outside. Well, just for sometimes, maybe.

But in the cyber world, you can see that I'm a cheerful girl, little odd, childish, absurd and more... I don't know why.

I like drawing the cartoons like manga, and always can't wait for a moment that I will be a 14-year-old girl who can be start make webtoons, hooray! Indeed I have a dream that becomes a webtoons artist. I really want my comic to be an official comic in webtoons so wish me luck guys!

I only have a mood for blogging when my friends are on too. But if they're don't, the cyber world is not exciting anymore for me.

I'm not a good Instagrammer but I often open that social media. Just for have some fun, looking for the good news on the explore page, or looking for my friends' photos or read some good quotes.
Please follow my Instagram if you don't mind, anyway: @skgaisha_

Want to know me MORE? Feel free to ask me. But do not mocking or use harsh words, thank you :)

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  1. Hai... Salam kenal Seizza. Kamu suka baca bukunya Tere Liye ya? Aku juga suka lo

  2. Salken kak! Kakak nggambar di aplikasi apa?